I have collected all the materials and courses created over the years of studying Wing Chun style on this page!


I hope my experience and knowledge will be useful to you.

Yuri Kormushin


Oh Wing Chun

Wing Chun (or Yun Chun, Wing Chun, etc.) is a martial art style that is of great interest to millions of people around the world.

Wing Chun reflects the traditional approach to hand-to-hand combat with weapons that was practiced several hundred years ago in Old China.


Learning the technique of Wing Chun develops original coordination and broadens the horizons for everyone involved in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.


We present to your attention a number of educational materials in one of the traditional Wing Chun style schools!

However, despite the fact that in the 21st century hand-to-hand combat and martial arts have their own modern features, many martial arts enthusiasts still find obvious benefit in Wing Chun's pursuits.

A lot of beautiful legends and even myths are associated with the style of Wing Chun, which emphasize its historical and cultural value for the world of traditional martial arts.


Обучение - Атакующая техника вин чун

Wing Chun Attacking Technique

All kinds of strokes in one material

Обучение - работа на деревянном манекене ВИН ЧУН

Work on a wooden mannequin Wing Chun